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Career Consulting Services
Halo Talent Academy is a recruitment service designed to help Chinese students overseas to find the desired jobs in China. Different from other job-hunting services, the program is designed to help graduates learn and develop themselves throughout the job-seeking process. The objective of the program is more than helping graduates find a job, it is also to get graduates job-ready, and become a powerful force in the job market.
After years in school, graduates might find it challenging to adapt to the job market. It is especially so for graduates who had spent years overseas. In a job market that is as dynamic and challenging as China, we hope our industry experience and connections can help young talents discover their true potential. We provide our clients with career guidance to help them understand their desired industry and organizations to work in; we help clients develop their career goals and set a solid foundation for future career development. It is an opportunity to understand the personal advantage and utilize it, as well as a step into the new chapter of life.
Customer Needing
Match your personality with your career
Individual demand and market demand
Long-term career planning
The Service Content  
Advantage and Competitiveness Evaluati
  • ●   Overall background assessment (Academic background, extracurricular activities, internship experience)

  • ●   Professional skills assessment

  • ●   Interpersonal skills assessment (Communication skills/teamwork skills etc.)

Skills Training
  • ●   1.Professional skill assessment

  • ●   2.Industry knowledge training

  • ●   3.Interview skills training

Career Consulting
  • ●   Industry status and forecast

  • ●   Job duties, remunerations, promotions, skills guidance

  • ●   Career expectation guidance

Resume Customisation
  • ●   Mandarin & English /Industry-specific resumes

  • ●   Cover Letter/Recommendation Letter/ Social Media Page Design

Job Application & Referral
  • ●   Update on upcoming recruitment programs/events

  • ●   Application Submission

  • ●   Referral through industry connections

Interview Training
  • ●   Written Exam Guidance

  • ●   Face-to-Face & Group interview training

  • ●   Case analysis and guidance

  • ●   Offer Comparison

  • ●   Salary & remuneration analysis

  • ●   Contract Negotiation

Service advantages  
Paid leading outsourcing service regulations, resolved first enterprises lack professional management and legal only ⼈ division, at the same time to make effective management system, and regulations system of semen outsourcing team and your company does not exist any interpersonal and interest relationship, can let them help companies quickly all-round development; 21 years of management experience, has strong personnel professional, HR lawyer, enterprise management talents team and a large number of landing case experience sharing, to provide you with all HR rules and regulations; HR - SAAS cloud management platform, help enterprises to improve information management, let member and management, the enterprise keep the degree of transparency, to intuitive visual management system;
  • Third store information:  provide enterprises with the freshest information policy and management, but also easier to understand member trends, help enterprise and member stable harmonious development;

With the economic development, modern enterprise management must improve personnel management, through the personnel management to motivate people to make progress, cultivate talent, save enterprise costs, for enterprise development escort.
Recognizing that prevention is better than a cure, the HALO human resource risk management team can assist you to be proactive in managing and developing workers within your organization. As much as workers are the greatest assets of any organization, they are also one of the biggest risks.
Corporate compensation accounting requires the integration of data and information to ensure the highest accuracy. Various new policies and technologies accelerate the frequency of system updating and increase the cost pressure at the same time.
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